Violent Attack on Ex-Wife and Boyfriend (Okotoks) – Charges Withdrawn

CC: s.348(1)(A) – Break & Enter with Intent to Commit and Indictable Offence, s.266 – Assault x 2, s.246(A) – Choking or Strangling.

My client broke into his ex-wife of 13 years’ new boyfriend’s residence and found them in bed together upstairs.  She yelled at him to get out and shut the door on him.  He pushed the door open again with force, causing her to fall into the wall.  He grabbed her and threw her onto the bed.  Then he proceeded to attack her new boyfriend. He jumped onto him and punched him repeatedly in the face and all over his body.  His ex-wife tried to stop him by getting between them, but my client continued to throw punches at both of them.  She believed that my client was going to kill her new boyfriend, because she saw the rage and look in his eyes.  My client wrestled with his ex and threw her off the bed.  He then pulled her new boyfriend off the bed too and began to strangle him.  He couldn’t breathe, his face was turning blue, and he nearly passed out.  His ex couldn’t get my client off him and yelled for their roommate to come and help.  My client let go of her new boyfriend and began kneeing him in the gut and then stomping him in the face and head.  My clients ex tried to protect her boyfriend by laying on top of him, but my client kept kicking and stomping them and kicked her in the head and back numerous times as well.  He then began to jump up and down on both of them. My client stopped and left only after the roommate arrived and interjected.  Both his ex-wife and her new boyfriend suffered numerous bumps and bruises all over, as well as cuts and swelling.  His ex told police that my client was violent throughout their relationship, but she had never reported it.

Charges Withdrawn.  The Crown withdrew the charges before trial.