Forceful Recovery of Goods from Ex-GF (Okotoks) – Charges Withdrawn

CC: s.267(A) – Assault with a Weapon, s.439(4) – Mischief

My client and her son went to his ex-girlfriend’s grandmother’s house, in order to retrieve some personal items that she took while she was living with them.  They were banging on her door but they were being ignored.  Finally, they answered the door and told them to leave.  My client and her son began pushing on the door and trying to force their way inside.  My client’s son entered through a bedroom window and was struggling with his ex-girlfriend when my client picked up and threw a heavy ashtray at her.  They got what they wanted and left.  Her son was charge with Breaking & Entering and Robbery.

Charges Withdrawn. Resolved with a Peace Bond before trial.