Spousal Assault, Firearms and Breaches, all Withdrawn


CC: s. 266 – Assault, s.86(1) – Careless Storage of a Firearm, s.145(3) x 2 – Breaches of Recognizance; PAFVA: s.13.1(1(a) x 2 – Breaches of Emergency Protection Order


My client was accused of assaulting his wife during a heated argument over car keys by grabbing her and throwing her to the floor. She claimed that she cried out to their teenage son for help and that he had to physically pull my client, his father, away from his mother. Police seized a dozen various types of firearms scattered on the floor and shelves of the closet and ammunition within close proximity. One firearm in particular, a .22 Ruger was found in its case with 25 rounds of ammunition in the clip and ready for use. Within a few weeks of his release from custody, he was charged with breaching his conditions to stay away from her and to not attend at her residence. She reported numerous complaints in this regard, including, him telephoning her, sending her text messages, meeting her at a restaurant and going into her house and garage.


Both matters were scheduled separately for trial, as my client had a defence to most of the charges. Further to resolution negotiations, I persuaded the Crown to agree to withdraw all charges, upon him entering into a Peace Bond for a period of one year. Despite his criminal record, and despite the fact that he had already had a previous assualt charge and weapons charge dealt with by way of a Peace Bond, I was still able to negotiate the withdrawal of all criminal charges. No criminal convictions.